What What

Today we are going to talk about a risque maneuver called Shenme Shenme Zai PiGu, or What What…you can figure it out. Demonstrating this dance technique is Sis, Blondy, Hillbilly and Tall Fuck. All this requires is a group of people in a row, arms cocked at the side and a good pelvic thrust as you sing, “Shenme Shenme Zai Pigu”. Just be sure you don’t bowl anyone over with enthusiastic motions.

Until next time, stay classy!

Line Dancing


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The Mike

Here we go again. Another dancing lesson from the xindongfang staff. This particular lesson is how to do The Mike presented by the brother sister team. This one is simple; first: stand awkwardly, Second: stretch your arms outward, Lastly: bob your body up and down with the music. Now you can do The Mike and delight and amuse your friends too!

Do the Mike

Rocking like an old guy

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Tandem Dancing

Here at xindongfang we like to get down, and the only way to get down is with a partner. To help illustrate this point are Sexy Lexy and Hillbilly. Together they are demonstrating the bend down and thrust. All you need are some apples, water and one bowl. The grimace comes from within.


Balls Deep

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Advanced Dancing

Today boys and girls we’ll be talking about an advanced dancing technique: The Hair Whip. Now, I would suggest not attempting this particular method until you have mastered more basic moves like not cutting your hair, the Head Nod and basic shaking.

Whip that hair back and forth

Grooving on and on

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Let’s Strip

Now for a topic hot on everyone’s minds, the proper way to strip. As our good friend Hillbilly is showing in this unaltered picture (yes ladies, and he’s single) teasing is very important, let your audience enjoy the show before giving them what they want. Until next time, stay dirty xindongfang.

Are my pants tight or are you hot?

Starings free, touchings extra

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Dancing 101

Hello and welcome to the first post of How to Dance; Dancing 101. Here you can see Big Daddy beginning his Texas Two step. Pay careful attention to his legs as he prepares to get down with his bad self. Try to replicate in a well lit, open environment in front of a mirror. Best of luck and stay tuned for further updates.

Shake a leg

Texas Two Step

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